About the Faroe Islands:

The Faroe Islands is a group of 18 islands located in the middle of the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway.  The Faroese people are descendents of Norwegian Vikings who inhabited the Faroe Islands early in the ninth century.  The official language is Faroese, which is derived from Old Norse, the  language of the Vikings.  The Faroe Islands has been a self-governing part of the Danish Kingdom since 1948.

Due to the remote location of the Faroe Islands, the Faroese people have for centuries had to rely on the ocean for food and their livelihoods.  Even today, fish products represent more than 96 % of the total export of goods.  No matter where you go on the Faroe Islands, the Atlantic Ocean is always close at hand.  The Faroe Islands has 1298 km (807 miles) of coastline, and the farthest away from the ocean one can get is 5 km (3 miles).

The population of the Faroe Islands is less than 50,000, of whom a third live in the capital, Tórshavn.  Although the Faroe Islands is small and geographically isolated, it is a modern Scandinavian country, and Tórshavn has most of the amenities of a contemporary capital city.  Like its Scandinavian neighbors, the Faroe Islands is a social welfare state, and the population enjoys a high standard of living.

The Faroe Islands is not a part of the EU.  However, the Faroe Islands has free trade agreements in place with the EU with regard to the free movement of goods between the EU and the Faroe Islands.  This means that salmon production in the Faroe Islands complies with all EU food- and veterinary regulations and directives.  In fact, the EU is the Faroe Islands’ biggest trading partner.

In 2007, National Geographic Traveler magazine conducted a comprehensive survey of 111 islands.  A panel of 522 well-traveled experts in sustainable tourism voted the Faroe Islands as the most appealing destination in the world.

More information on the Faroe Islands can be found on: www.visitfaroeislands.com

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