About the Faroe Fish Farmers Association:

All fish farmers in the Faroe Islands are members of the Faroe Fish Farmers Association.

The purpose of the Association is to work for the common interests of the Faroese fish farmers and the Faroese aquaculture industry as a whole. 


The Association’s main activities are the following:
Lobbying:  Lobby politicians and authorities so that the country’s laws and regulations not only serve the interests of the industry, but also the country as a whole.
Representation: Promote industry interests with various governmental authorities and non-governmental institutions.
Cooperation with industry organizations abroad:  The Faroe Fish Farmers Association cooperates internationally through the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP).
Statistics:  The Faroe Fish Farmers Association gathers statistics on farmed fish. These statistics are updated regularly and are available here.
R&D:  The Association also initiates research and development projects that are of relevance and benefit to the members.
Education:  The Association organizes seminars and courses designed to improve the level of competence and qualification within the industry.

The board of the Faroe Fish Farmers Association:


Name Company
Regin Jacobsen Bakkafrost
Atli Gregersen HiddenFjord
Hans Jákup Mikkelsen Marine Harvest Faroes
Egill Steintórsson Faroe Farming

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